Make the Best First Impression, Starting with Custom Sign Printing

No matter the shape, size, or application, Protech Printing specializes in custom sign printing that will help you get noticed and get business. We offer a wide variety of custom sign solutions, sign board printing for numerous business needs, including posters and prints; signs and banners; trade show materials; window, wall, and floor graphics; and vehicle graphics. The possibilities of our custom signs are virtually limitless, so let one of our experts design the perfect sign for your business needs. When paying for custom sign printing, expect the best.

Custom Sign Printing Solutions for Your Business

With such a large variety of sign printing options, it may become difficult to figure out exactly what “type” of sign you are needing. That is where Protech Printing and our team of graphic designers and print professionals come in. With over 30+ years of work done in the custom printing and signage business, we understand the issues and headaches that can arise when needing print.

No matter what type of signs you need to be printed (interior or exterior), we will take all those problems away and make printing work for you.


Please email or call our print professionals at (770) 425-3099.


Sign Printing Budget

Understanding your sign printing budget is important for graphic designers. They will work with your budget and recommend the quality of the artwork and necessary materials that will be required for your large format signs.

With a detailed brief, your signage will be designed and produced to the highest quality possible. Protech Printing offers reliable sign printing services to deliver your indoor signs and outdoor signs on time, and with custom finishing to your exact requirements.

Signage Materials and Inks

Protech Printing can custom print weatherproof, durable signs with latex inks that are resistant to indoor lighting, plus UV fading and water damage. This will ensure that your large format printed sign can stay in place for a long time, without losing its effectiveness.

Our print professionals offer a wide range of sign materials, from plexiglass acrylic to various metals and plastics. The right materials for your purpose and budget will be suggested by our printing professionals. We have years of experience and can suggest which type of outdoor signs and indoor signs will be perfect for your job.

Custom Sign Printing & Design

We do all types of sign printing on virtually any type of substrate.

The Society for Experiential Graphic Design offers a simple, yet a brilliant answer to the question, What Is Signage. Essentially, labeling identifies products, while signage identifies places, creating a sense of place that enhances peoples’ experiences when navigating their way through spaces.

Outdoor sign printing must be highly visual, effective, and appropriate. Individuals with varying eyesight need to distinguish the salient information from the printed sign.

  • Large format indoor signs must be protected from deterioration from heat, air conditioning, and fading from strong direct lighting.
  • Outdoor signage must be protected from the damaging effects of the sun and all of the natural perils that the weather can launch at them.

If you still have questions about sign printing, please email or call our print professionals at (770) 425-3099.